Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to lose weight with fifty Easy Plan

There was a time when growing up, we decided not to exercise. Nature was thought to slow the elderly should not be shaped and exercise was for children. Of course, it is natural to slow down with age, but stop exercising altogether, is to risk overweight. There are many disease inevitable as we age, so it is a good idea to invite inevitable. The exercise, which is the best ally of a healthy diet is the way to lose weight, stay vigilant and to prolong its life.

Sure, you might have to overcome some of the difficulties associated with old age. Knee problems, hip and balance are common, but they should not prevent others from getting at least a little exercise. Just ask your doctor is happy for you to continue. What are the best exercises?

Marche: It is easier for many people - it can not go out and do it. With reasonable mobility is one of the best ways to exercise. Start slowly with less than 15 minutes per day, that for a few weeks, then move up to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. Of course, if you want to do something else that is good. If you find that you lack motivation, you can always take a dog.

Happiness may or may not be a wet dog, but dogs certainly ensure that owners exercise.

Weight / resistance training: You may think that weight training is an exercise program too far, but there is a reason. As we age, we lose muscle mass and strength with him. Weight training and resistance is a good way to avoid such struggles with everything from waste disposal to open a bottle screw cap. You can help tone muscles for a short routine. Light can be anything from weight that you buy in a store for soup cans or bricks. Get one for each hand. Resistance bands are also very good. They are like giant rubber bands that can be attached at one end to a piece of furniture, a door knob or anything else which is very convenient. Removing the other end. Start with about eight repetitions of each exercise with a two-minute break between each set of repetitions. Just make the number of games that are comfortable. Try doing weight / resistance training about three times a week.

Swimming: This is one of the best exercises for the elderly, because the body is supported and there is no stress on the joints vulnerable. A regular bath once or twice a week is an easy and fun way to keep fit.

Balance exercises: Falls are one of the most common injuries in the elderly and the imbalance is often the cause. There may be a number of reasons for balance problems, vision problems, loss of muscle strength and coordination, low blood pressure, and the effects of prescribed medications are only some of them. Although we can not cure all the problems of balance balance exercises can improve muscle tone and flexibility of the body and make it less likely to fall. There are many exercises available balance, details of which can be found online, but it is best to start learning group. To start alone can be dangerous and it is better to have someone to make sure all is well.

These are just a few ways to stay in shape as we age. If you have knee problems or hip, swimming can be possible, if not exercises with light weights chair strengthen the arms and upper body. Even a little exercise helps and worthwhile. Loneliness is one of the problems of old age, when people meeting can be tricky. It can help to have a common interest - most cities have walking clubs that cater to all ages and abilities, special side pools many times for elite swimmers. Exercise not only makes you feel good and live longer, helping you make new friends.