Monday, April 15, 2013

Meals that help weight loss

You may want to lose weight

These are the tips of good health to carry out your diet to lose weight.

• Keep a food diary to achieve the daily calories.

• Do not skip meals because it responds to high-calorie foods

• Do not go out for lunch takes control of the supply of ingredients, cooking methods and portion sizes

High Protein Increases your workout fat burning

Wiley-Blackwell publication Nutrition and Dietetics published a study showing that high protein meals is a good fat burning effect in the obese. Foods rich in protein to get the most fat oxidation.

Forget fad diets and trendy healthy foods include lean proteins like fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, dairy products low in fat.

Lunch perhaps early weight loss

In the process of weight loss, not just what you eat but when you eat has a big influence.

A recent study on the process of weight loss shows that mealtimes can affect you can lose weight by diet. The International Journal of Obesity published these results in Jan.29 2013.

Frank Scheer, author of the study, says that this is the first large prospective study to show that meal time influences the effectiveness of weight loss .. Frank Scheer is the Director of Medical Chronobiology Program, neuroscientist associated with Brigham Women's Hospital and also works as an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The results of the study show that, in the late eaters have a slower rate of weight loss and weight loss much smaller than the first eaters. The results also suggest that large meal time plays an important role in the weight loss program. A group of 420 overweight people registered as participants for the treatment of weight loss 20 weeks in Spain. The participant was designated eating dinner earlier or later depending on when you took your lunch. Early eaters took 15 hours before lunch and took their afternoon having lunch after 15:00 In Spain, food is considered the largest food show that 40% of daily calories. After 20 weeks, there was the beginning eaters lost about 22 pounds, while those who eat later lost only 17 pounds. This is 25% less than the weight loss eaters start.

End eaters were more likely to take less quantity at breakfast or skip breakfast altogether. A low level of insulin leads to a risk of diabetes. However, hours of dinner and breakfast had no effect on weight loss.

Thus, the weight loss program should include not only the consumption of calories and nutrients, but mealtimes.

Scheer also shared unusual times that food affects the rhythm of our bodies affect the sleep-wake cycle and metabolism. Thus, mealtimes affect weight control unusual.

Further research should be conducted to determine the influence of the dinner for the people in the United States is the largest meal of the day for them. This is an observational study interesting, but could not prove cause and effect. We can simply say that you are sure to lose weight when you cut calories at any time of the day.