Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strategy of weight loss - 7 weight loss strategies used from today

Lose or maintain your ideal weight requires more than positive or desirable. Must weight loss strategy that the operation will help you make the right decisions about what to eat and how you burn calories every day 1500-2000.

You are what you eat and the choices you make in your kitchen store, restaurant or coffee, which plays a role in whether you continue to gain or lose weight. Practical wisdom and feeding strategy of weight you can get on track to a healthy diet. Here are 7 tips that will give you an advantage to take control of your diet and help control weight. Most of them can be implemented to improve your mind and body will help you with your weight loss strategy.

Eat more fiber. Fiber is important for a healthy diet and can be obtained by eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Each of us has a total of about 25 grams of fiber (which is composed of soluble and insoluble fiber) and there are many benefits. To do this, the advantage is that fiber helps the food we eat passes through our system pretty quickly, so do not sit down and stored as fat. Eating more fiber is the strategy of easy weight loss, you can start right now.

Eat more peas and beans. These foods are rich in fiber can be found not only in breakfast cereals based on wheat bran. Ideally, you should eat beans five or more times a week. They add protein and fiber to any dish and can be used in salads, stuffed potatoes, or vegetarian chili. If you can use rinse the beans first to get rid of a high sodium content. Again, it is a strategy made easy weight loss immediately.

Go to whole grains. Whole grains contain fiber and vitamin E, which helps keep blood sugar stable. They also contain less sugar and refined white flour, which does not have much nutritional value. You will notice that the cereal aisle of cereal boxes high in sugar. There are still some good options to choose from. Take your time and read some of the labels and look for high fiber cereal that meet your needs.

Set a budget and stick fat. Planning to get 50-60 grams of fat each day as part of your weight loss strategy. Try switching to low-fat milk or low-fat dairy products, if you have not already done so. Make sure you turn off the visible fat from the pork and beef and chicken skin removed. Use sparingly in salads. Instead of salad spoon regularly use a spoon and save 24 grams of fat.

Use the panels can lose weight. Power Plate when you make a point to fill half your plate with vegetables and / or fruits. Fill the other side with about equal parts of starch and dietary protein. The application of this weight loss strategy that you can see the weight fall - and reduce your risk of diabetes and other diseases.

Implement portion control when you eat. Resist the temptation to store food on the plate in the all you can eat buffet. Do not use a big bowl of healthy salad. Avoid heavy meals at your favorite fast food within your weight loss strategy. This can be difficult, but it is best to get a Happy Meal "instead of" I do not care how many calories I eat "Deluxe Double hamburger, only men dollar

Reduce or eliminate trans fats in your diet. Most trans fats are sometimes created when liquid oils become solid like margarine. Trans fats tend to raise "bad" cholesterol, or LDL, which increases the risk of heart disease. One of the ways you can reduce your trans fat is to choose a soft margarine and vegetable oils over solid or hard margarine abbreviations because they have a greater amount of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. Read labels carefully and start to cut or reduce the consumption of trans fats, when possible, in the course of your weight loss strategy.

Change your eating habits is a good start. The aim should be that you are in better health and I hope that weight loss strategies to help you get started. You also need to combine these measures with some basic exercise.

A simple and profitable to increase their physical activity is to start walking more. Start small, short-term goals can be achieved. For example, if you have not been active for a long time, to begin a career 15 minutes three times a week. The next week, increase our walks 20 minutes. Start with a warm-up for each foot. Take your pace and walk into the center, then slow down at the end.

Walk fast enough to raise your heart rate and make you breathe harder. But do not go so fast that I can not talk. Wear comfortable shoes with good arch support. Exercise combined with new eating habits are very important to the success of your weight loss.