Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick Weight Loss - Good or Bad for the reduction of long-term weight

Rapid weight loss can reduce the weight for a long time?
If you need to lose weight, you will almost certainly want to cut now. You do not want to wait for a diet program to work, so you can just cut one or two pounds per week.

You are anxious to look good for a special occasion, and you just do not have time to pursue this plan of slow weight loss type. Again, the rapid weight loss can be harmful to your dieting efforts, even if the short-term results are what you want.

The strategy you may have heard of

It is a fast diet plans that can track the number. This includes plans such as the cabbage soup diet, Atkins diet, fruit juice fast, agitation plans, nutritional supplements, and more. Basically, these plans do a few things:

1) condensing the total calories standards
2) Reduce the food choices you have to limit your calorie intake
3) contribute to the loss of water, which may seem like weight scale
4) Create rules to follow difficult in the short term but not long-term reliable

If you reduce your calories, you will lose weight - it is safe. However, fast food not expect too much, you will lose weight faster than what is considered healthy. These plans are difficult to follow, even for a short time, and even set you up for future weight problems.

What is dangerous?

When it comes to losing fat fast, you can guess how it can be scary - to lose weight, feel good, how can it be? The conclusion is that weight loss is not necessarily fly weight you need to lose. First, cut calories drastically causing your body thinks it is starving.

And when he does not get the calories you need, you will be additional parts of the body of calories - the muscles, for example. In many of these diet programs, your body essentially begins to itself (many similar cases, change and anorexia) eating, and then gradually decrease your metabolism for muscle tissue. While this may seem like a bad thing when your body comes to this question, you also lose energy and strength.

Another thing that can make these plans is that you can become dehydrated, which creates problems when the body functions. When cells do not hold enough water can be difficult to perform their functions, messaging, transport of nutrients and minerals, etc. This leads to shock the system, and can even lead to the point of electrolyte balance problems in the body (the simplest description of the water and salt balance).

When electrolytes are not balanced, can disrupt the message, which can cause cell loss and transmission of the disease. Your body is 70% water, and make a quick weight loss program can upset this balance and create serious problems.

When you lose muscle mass, in addition to the rapid loss of weight program of water, it can also cause your metabolism to slow down, which can create a weight loss more difficult future.

In addition, any future fat loss efforts can cause your body to ask if you starve again, which can carry more fat instead of burning fat reserves first as methods of slow weight loss, you completed.

Other side effects:

1) that the eating habits of instructions

2) Problems with the nutritional balance in the body

3) the physical effects, such as gastrointestinal disorders

Other methods of fast food to worry about the thought of developing habits that you can not win, it means that you can return to their previous eating habits, is the complete nutrition program. "

What you need to understand that permanent weight loss means that you need to change your habits permanently. While you may encounter it when there is a weight loss program like this can not be the conclusion on the results you want.