Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Raspberry Ketones Help in Weight Loss

What is raspberry ketone?

It is an aromatic element found in raspberries. It can also be formed synthetically in a laboratory. Ketone bodies can be used to produce energy. These are water-soluble compounds that are produced as by-products when fatty acids are broken down for energy in liver and kidney. This happens when carbohydrates are so scarce that energy must be obtained in fatty acids. The heart may use ketone bodies for energy under ketotic conditions. The brain also relies on ketone bodies for energy in case of fasting.

But if the ketone body is not utilized by the body to produce energy within five hours, it will be broken down and be removed as waste (urine or exhale). This factor contributes much of the weight loss found in ketogenic diets.

So how does a supplement of this ingredient help in weight loss?

Raspberry ketones supplements contain the extract of ketone enzymes found in raspberries. This enzyme helps to prevent the commencement of obesity. It also prevents the increase in blood triglyceride.

Lipid metabolism breaks down fatty acids and fat cells. Raspberry ketone is a natural compound to modify lipid metabolism. It is shown to prevent the increase of body weight as well as to control the amount of fatty acids stored in and around the liver.

Raspberry ketones helps enhance liver function thus causing significant health benefits and improve the body’s natural ability to deal with with harmful substances like toxins.

It also considerably raised the norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in the fat cells of rats. Vitro fat cells were broken down significantly compared to those with no raspberry ketone.

It also observed a higher production of adiponectin associated to vitro fat cells. This protein called adiponectin also regulates metabolism. The ketone enzyme was found to be a compound found that burns fat more competently.

The supplements were tested on mice that were given a high fat diet. In one of the experiments conducted to test the effectivity of raspberry ketone in weight loss, mice were given a high-fat diet including raspberry ketone for around ten weeks. It was found out that raspberry ketone reduced the amount of fat in the visceral adipose tissues and livers of mice.

It may not be tested on humans but human and mice share very similar genetic make-ups and things can be understood or associated to produce comparable outcome. This is the reason why mice are used in medical research.

After understanding how the supplements work, it is now time to decide whether to give it a try. The supplement will jump start your weight loss program. Together with diet and exercise, the supplement will help you lose weight by increasing metabolism, in increasing fat oxidation, in fighting fatigue and in increasing energy. Read Raspberry Ketones Max reviews to learn more about how the supplement works.