Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 Surefire Diets For Quick Weight Loss

When I think of the word diet I think of suffering.  Eating all these horrible things I don't like, depriving myself of anything that tastes good and never knowing when I'm going to see the light of day.  Okay, maybe a little over dramatic but you get the idea.  So here are 3 surefire diets for quick weight loss

1.  Drink Apple Cider Vinegar:
Okay, I listed this one first because it's my least favorite but don't bail on me yet.  There are better things in store for you.  I just don't like vinegar so apple cider vinegar doesn't make it taste better, believe me.  But this stuff really helps improve your digestive system and it's also very nutritious.  Although it doesn't taste very good you don't drink it straight.  You mix at the most one teaspoon with a cup of water.  It's highly concentrated so digesting it by itself is very dangerous.  You should buy the "Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar" because this one is untouched and unprocessed which means it still has a lot of all the healthy stuff still in it.  Even adding this to water, it's still going to taste pretty bitter.  

One more tip is that if you drink this and you feel a burning sensation in your stomach, stop immediately and drink plenty of water.  Don't continue.

2.  Eating Flaxseeds:
Don't worry because you don't eat this by itself either.  Flaxseeds are really very good for you. 

They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and phytochemicals and high in magnesium and manganese.  It helps regulate your digestive system as well as fight against inflammation.  You eat two teaspoons a day with your normal meals and that doesn't mean you sprinkle it on a hamburger.  You can buy these at most health food stores but you need to be sure that they are grounded.  The other kind will just pass right through you.  As a suggestion, I sprinkle this on my oatmeal in the mornings.  It may take up to three weeks to start seeing some type of difference in your appearance, but be patient because it works.

 3.  Use Coconut Oil:
I stumbled upon this one purely by accident but am really glad I did.  Instead of using normal cooking oil or butter, replace it with coconut oil.  It's highly nutritious and contains healthy fat which helps you lose weight.  You can also find this at most health food stores.  It's very tasty and again, you will most likely start seeing the benefits after about three weeks.

See, no eating yucky foods or depriving yourself of all the things you love.  Sure, let's be smart and not eat a lot of fried foods and make a quick trip through the fast food restaurants when you are taking this route.  Be smart and watch what you eat but use one or more of these tips and you will see those unwanted pounds start to fall off.

I hope this article about the 3 surefire diets for quick weight loss was helpful.  It's a great way to just add some things into your daily eating schedule that can give you long lasting results.