Thursday, March 21, 2013

Best Foods for Weight Loss and Gaining Six Pack Abs

Vegetables Equal Good Results:
What words most comes up when you think of diet, fruits and vegetables right? Well vegetables are a HUGE advantage when it comes to toning out that stomach and losing weight.

The cool things about them is that they are very calorie dense, they are filled with many vitamins and minerals, and literally no calories, which equals a huge plus for your body's overall health and ability to get rid of fat in your stomach area.

So what you want to do is keep your vegetable intake up because it is very important when it comes to staying healthy, but also you don't want to overdo it.

Having a high intake of vegetables will definitely help you lose weight and tone out that abdominal area which is what we are really looking for with this program.

Healthy Replacements For High-Calorie Meals:
Another great way way to keep those calories burned, and get the perfect six pack area, is to replace high-calorie meals with your own homemade protein shakes or even protein fruit shakes.

I know this sounds insane because everyone needs their filling dinner and lunches, but just try it out and you'll see how effective it is.

Just get your favorite fruits and even vegetables, then blend it all up with about two scoops of your favorite flavor of protein, and then see how full you get from drinking a glass.

Not only does it keep your calories way down, but after one glass a protein shake, you'll be much more filled than you think you will be.

The reason people crave foods with more calories is for one simple reason, which is that they are hungry.

However, if you can monitor and control this hunger, then you'll be completely set to lose as much weight as your heart desires.

The way to control this hunger, is by making your own homemade protein shakes and smoothies because these fill you up and take over that hunger you once had, by substituting your hunger with a good "high protein meal in a cup."

The reason protein shakes and smoothies can make such a significant different in your appearance is because it can reduce your calories and still fill that appetite with a sweet tasting, nutrient-rich healthy meal in a cup.

Also, you can satisfy your hunger by trying something new and creative. Just go to your local health food store, and there should be a wide variety of selections that allow you to replace that old nasty diet, with something healthier and still filling.

There are all kinds of healthy, quick meals out there, just take a visit to your local health food store and I'm sure you'll find something delicious, filling, and healthy for your system.

A Healthy Sweet Tooth:
I know that you NEED your sugary foods, and I have a great and healthy alternative to fix this problem.

Many people crave sugar like crazy, but when you're wanting to lose weight and get that toned stomach, you want to cut out sugary foods completely from the diet equation.

What you can do to get rid of these sugary foods from your diet, and still find that sweet pleasure you long for in those sugary foods, it so substitute refined sugar for sweet fruits, and anything you can find to cover in honey.

Im serious about the honey, because no one really recognizes just how healthy honey can be for you. Honey is an amazing sugar alternative because it is great for you and yet still satisfies that sugary craving you get in the middle of the day or late at night.

For example, let's say you're craving a piece of that chocolate cake that's fresh out of the oven, or you're craving a gallon of ice cream.

When you get this craving, immediately find any healthy fruit like a banana, or even a piece of whole-grain toast, and cover it in honey, and I promise you'll feel amazing about the decision you made and still satisfy that sugary craving.

Sugar is the silent little killer, especially when it comes to killing your dreams of losing weight. For this reason, cutting down on sugar is one of the most important key points in losing weight fast, and even developing six pack abdominals.

So, take my advice and do all you can to replace your old sugary snack foods, with healthier alternatives that still satisfy that good old sweet toot we all have so often.

White Bread Equals Bad Health:
Another thing you want to replace is white bread, or anything made from white bread, because this turns into sugar the instant your body digests it. And again, you do NOT want a lot of sugary foods in your body.

Like I said previously, sugar is horrible for your body, and white bread is one of those sugars in disguise, because once it hits your body, its instant sugar. So, beware of white bread, and don't fall for white bread's disguise like so many people do today.

What you can do is replace white bread with whole-grain bread, or even multi-grain bread because this is much much healthier for your body, especially when you are looking to lose weight and get those toned abdominals to show off.

Multi grain bread and whole grain bread give you extra nutrients, and speed up weight loss and muscle building, because of the nuts found in multi-grain breads.

Utilize All Of Nature's Healthy Sources:
The last thing you want to do is utilize all the natural sources of healthy fats that you can get.
By doing this, you are replacing your body's bad fats with the good kind of fat your body needs on a daily basis, while your weight loss diet is benefiting from your decision to utilize these natural foods.

The kinds of foods I'm talking about include fish, nuts, coconut milk, and even more that don't need to be listed because I think you have the idea of what kind of natural fats you want to be looking for.

Final Words:
Modify your existing diet so that you eat healthier food. Eat foods that are good for your body such as more veggies and salads cooked in less oil and salt. You don't have to suffer you just need to educate yourself on food.