Thursday, March 21, 2013

Super Fast Six Weight Loss Tips

People are looking for slim fast weight loss tips to eliminate that unwanted weight. Below are some tips that you can follow in reaching your weight loss goal.

Keep it natural - Eat lean proteins such as chicken, certain types of fish and pork along with vegetables as often as possible. Also, drink eight glasses of water each day. It's good for you and will help you feel fuller.

Avoid sodas, milky drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages; instead, drink plenty of water. Don't drink diet soda because its sweet taste makes you crave for more sugar. Taking a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice can refresh you early in the morning.

drinking water first thing in the morning will help clean out your digestive system and get your body prepared to receive a healthy breakfast. I keep a glass of water by my bed and drink all of it down before I do anything in the morning. I've done it so long that it works for me within 30 minutes. I never start my day without it.

What are you eating? Are you routinely eating fatty foods, processed foods, junk food? Is your current diet one of red meat, sugar based foods or do you eat fish and chicken? Be honest and write down what you eat and when you eat it and then after a few days look at that list. Do you have more fresh fruits and vegetables or more high fat, high salt, processed foods?

Breakfast like a king: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.

Make sure you eat more at lunch time than for dinner. Good health is a feeling - Don't always believe your scale. If you are several weeks or even months into a new exercise and diet program and don't see the scale showing results don't despair. Muscle weighs more than fat! Sometimes the results of improved fitness show more in things like clothes fitting differently, running or walking on a treadmill faster and farther, and an overall improved spring in your step.

Have Fiber Before Every Meal - If you want to curb your appetite and feel fuller with eating smaller meals, you can't go wrong with having some type of fiber before every meal. What I recommend for you to do is to have either a small apple, a handful of almonds, or some dark green leafy veggies (spinach, etc.).