Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Can Fiber Be Helpful for Weight Loss

These days, obesity is the problem of every 3rd person in most of the developed countries. Many people are concerned about their looks and want to have a well proportionate muscular body. Of course modifying your diet plan is the most important thing that is going to help you in getting rid of extra pounds. But it is worth mentioning that is the quantity of fibers in your diet that can help you to lose weight fast without getting yourself starved. 

Dietary fiber is not a fairy stick that can turn you smart overnight. But the splendid thing about fiber is that it can quench your appetite without giving you extra calories. This is why many nutritionists recommend the use of heavy fiber diet for all the people who want to torch their body fats at a faster rate. Crunching and chewing fibers for longer period of time promotes secretions of saliva and gastric juices, thus improving your digestion.

The mechanism action of dietary fiber in reducing your weight is that they make you feel full. The feeling stops you from eating extra amount of food. At the same time you have to chew this fiber diet for longer period of time and unconsciously make you feel that you have eaten a lot. All the green vegetable and lettuce are very good source of fiber. Similarly, corn bran, seeds and nuts, broccoli, apples and citrus fruits also have sufficient quantity of fibers. Scientific studies have proved that those people who take an apple before the meal eventually result in taking up 15% lesser calories.

Fibers must be consumed in every meal if you seriously want to reduce weight. Dietary fibers in the form of cereal can be a very good choice for your breakfast. Similarly, including citrus fruits in lunch can make you feel full and thus eliminate the need of inter-meal snacks. Studies have shown that those people who use citrus fruit juices in place of raw fruits have 20% more intake of calories. Moreover, shifting to raw fruits from juices resulted in weight loss of 9.4% of population sample. Check out about this low fat diet plan.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you must add dietary fibers in your daily diet plan. Dietary fibers are not less than a blessing for all those who find it hard to do fasting and control their hunger. It must be understood that dietary fibers do not burn your calories. Rather, they stop you from consuming too many calories while at the same time satisfying your hunger pangs.