Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Big Benefits Of The Little Mysterious Chia Seed

There are many healthy benefits to the little chia seed that so few people know about. The raw organic chia seed can be eaten raw, grounded into flour, or soaked in water or juice then drank. Here are three major benefits of this little wonder seed.

1. Steady Energy: Keeping balanced levels of blood sugar is critical for both fitness and health. Blood sugar may spike after meals, particularly if you eat high-starchy foods or candy. This leads to 'slumps ' in your day where you're feeling beat and out of energy. If you eat chia with a meal, it'll help you turn your food into consistent, steady energy instead of a series of swings and roundabouts that wear you out.

If you are anything like me a 'slump' in energy is always disastrous when you have small children. There have been days that I have thought "if only I could close my eyes for a minute" and then suddenly one child is beating up the other. After adding the chia seed to my diet the slumps of energy have greatly decreased which is probably good for my youngest child.

2. Weight loss/Appetite suppressant: When the chia seed is exposed to water, it forms a coating of gel, enlarging its weight and size. It is difficult to separate the water from the seed, suggesting that it helps your body think it is full, without adding calories.

The miniscule, healthy seeds with their unique gelling action keep you feeling full for ages. Hunger is a main enemy of real weight control, and you do not need to battle it with nervous pricey tablets. By balancing your minerals and vitamins with chia, you can curb longings that might entice you.

Now when you first drink a chia seed it has a strange texture. If you watch a child drink it you will see them try to chew it (which is nearly impossible). However once you get passed the texture you will realize that the drinks are actually quite tasty. Since the chia seed does not have a flavor it can be any flavor that the drink mixture is.

3. Omega-3: Omega-3 oil is mostly considered as "that healthy stuff in fish". By weight, chia contains more omega three than salmon, and it tastes like whatever it is that you want. I am sure that you are tired of eating salmon every night to meet you Omega-3 requirement.

Do you like making baked products at home, but hate all of the butter and oil which has to go into them? Chia gel can substitute for 1/2 of the butter in most recipes. All you have got to do is divide the quantity of butter or oil in half, and then use an identical quantity of chia gel to fill in. Omega-3 has been shown to be helpful in the weight loss process.

The lesson here is that a tiny little chia seed is packed with great benefits from energy boosting to weight loss to Omega-3. This chia seed allows for a larger variety of foods and drinks because you can acquire the benefits by adding it to whatever food you are cooking or any drink you are drinking. The only downside to the drinks is the strange texture but when mixed in food it is unidentifiable.