Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Fun Coconut Oil Weight Loss Program

Spending my summers in the tropics, I was pleasantly amazed on how people there were very fit. Though I would think it was also the humid weather that kept everyone drippy with sweat and perspiration, it was also in their dietary habits, as I have come to know now, especially with coconut products. To them it was the coconut oil weight loss system, well native and natural.

To get the coconut oil, the process involved the following steps: First, a climber would have to go up a tree and get some coconuts. This is no simple feat as the variety of the coconut tree predominantly found here is the " tall African" which could grow as high as 80 feet or so. As the coconuts were dropped, there were people who would shred the shell using a make shift shredder that looked like part a shoe shine boot placer, with a round cylindrical spur that was meant to tear off the shell. The shell could be used to start fires. The remaining nut was then open and as kids, we would ask for the coconut water, which is another source of nutrients and a great energy booster. The flesh then was left to boil and from this came the coconut oil.

This oil, which had many purposes, could be taken naturally or could be used as additives or condiments for different dishes. These days, to be part of a coconut oil weight loss program, one can opt to just take a gel like capsule which contains the necessary ingredients needed to lose weight. But we were thrilled to see how such coconut oil were used to make great desserts and main dishes like beef or chicken curry with lemon grass leaves, or rice cake "cochinta" as they call it with shredded coconut was a great dessert to eat anytime of the day. Despite all those delicious dishes, we found out that the coconut oil did help us balance things out. It served like a laxative for most part, but it also lined our stomachs with its own oil to serve as a protection for bad bacteria.

These days one can go on their own coconut oil weight loss program with the availability of such pills and supplements. That gel like pill, or liquid can do the things that those coconut gatherers, shredders and cooks do back here in the place where I spent my summers in. But if by chance, you do get to visit some tropical island, do take the time out and try and see how the coconut oil is made, and sample a dish based on that. That experience may be a very special and unique coconut oil weight loss program.