Thursday, March 28, 2013

Use Effective Natural Weight Loss Remedies and Treatments

There are many remedies which can help in reducing weight naturally but without increasing physical activity and controlling calorie intake these remedies cannot promote weight loss. The substances which are known as fat reducing agents help the body in burning down lose fat in the blood to provide energy and this also avoids deposition of unused fat which is responsible to increase weight of the body. One has to keep his calorie intake in check and reduce it so that body can burn out all the calories and there are no unutilized calories, on the other hand increasing physical activity by means of exercises or active daily routine will also require more energy and eventually will cause more calorie burn, lack of calorie intake will persuade the body to burn deposited fat to provide energy for the physical activity, hence lesser calorie intake and increased physical activity or exercises along with natural remedies can promote effective and healthy weight loss for better health and stamina. 

Cabbage is a very good food for reducing calories as it is a negative calorie food, consuming cabbage in salad or in food reduces amount of calorie intake. Some people replace one meal of the day with cabbage meal for quicker weight loss. A glass of lukewarm water mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and half teaspoon of honey as first thing in the morning is very beneficial for natural weight loss. Consuming tomatoes in the diet in raw form in breakfast helps a person in curbing his desire to eat to reduce calorie intake. Replacing normal tea with green tea is also an effective remedy for reducing weight as it has substances which are helpful in burning fat. Green tea increases metabolism rate to promote good digestion which helps in burning excess fat and prevents fat deposition.

Amongst herbs, apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural remedy for weight loss, mixing 4 ounce of apple cider vinegar with 16 ounce of water and sipping it throughout the day helps the body in burning fat and prevent fat deposition. It increases metabolism and promotes fat loss even when body is resting. Consumption of flaxseed is also beneficial for weight loss.

Increased intake of fruits and vegetables is extremely helpful as it is a low calorie diet which can provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients and also keeps rate of metabolism upbeat. Consumption of fruits also reduces craving for eating sugary and spicy food which is very harmful for weight loss. However fruits rich in sugar content and astringent in nature shall be avoided.

Increasing physical activity by exercising is the best natural remedy for weight loss. Cardio vascular exercises burn maximum fat in lesser time compared to other exercises. If a person's body can tolerate then jogging, swimming, aerobics and brisk walking are some very useful ways of burning excess fat and avoiding fat accumulation for natural weight loss. Avoiding intake of rice, foods rich in carbohydrate like potatoes, avoiding using clarified butter and other dairy products also helps in reducing calorie intake. Use of soy milk and soy food products is beneficial in place dairy products. Use of honey in place of sugar reduces quantity of sugar intake to promote fat burn.