Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss

Unroasted coffee beans are called as green coffee beans which taste a bit bitter but are a great option for those who are striving to get their bodies in shape. Around 1100 AD ago the cultivation of coffee beans started around the red sea in the Arabian area; and as roasting was not much practiced during those days green coffee bean was brewed as a beverage like tea. Though the effects of green coffee beans and its.....

 extract have existed since ages but there has been a recent buzz about the connection between green coffee beans and weight loss. A research has found out that green coffee bean if consumed on a daily basis leads to heavy weight loss and thus is of great help for overweight people starving to lose extra body fat. It is also a fact that green coffee does not have any side effects on the human body. Scientists stated that chemical agents present in green coffee beans like polyphenol and chlorogenic acid (which is broken down and thus does not exist in roasted coffee) is the reason that causes burning and preventing the reformation of excess fat in the human body.

The extract from green coffee bean is also specified as a great weight loss agent along with a number of other health benefits. The green coffee beans have properties like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that helps the human body to release harmful free radicals. It is also proved by the researchers that the Chlorogenic acid has an antihypertensive effect that lowers the blood pressure in the human body. Green coffee bean has less caffeine as compared to roasted coffee beans. Green coffee bean also prepares the human body to be free of cardiovascular diseases. It prevents hypertension, atherosclerosis and some critical diseases too like type II diabetes and cancer and releases stress so that you can healthy and fit.

The Chlorogenic acids present in green coffee beans help in losing excess fat by balancing the blood sugar level by restraining glucose release in the human body. It also boosts liver's metabolic output turning into fat burn. Not only it helps in burning the excess body fat but it also prevents the weight cells to rebuild in the body and thus two mechanisms help one get a perfect slim body. As it is clear that the benefits are in green coffee beans not in roasted coffee as green coffee is unroasted, bitter, has the biggest amount of Chlorogenic Acids and very little aroma. It is said that bitter is better and this comes true with green coffee bean and the fact that Chlorogenic Acid is destroyed while roasting beans which is the main reason for weight loss in one's body.