Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How Can Honey Cinnamon Help Weight Loss? The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

If ever your wish is to lose some weight within some few days, using cinnamon honey, then read this article to the end. Never mind, you might have spent much money on weight programmes without any result, don't despair yet. I know how you feel. My sister had been in that state before. She bought many weight loss products before eventually getting one that was very effective. Would you believe me if I tell you that honey and cinnamon was part of what she used? She combined it with one very effective fat loss product. Let me tell you, succour has come to you today. Your weight problem would be a thing of the past if you can follow what I am about to describe to you. If you have heared of this combination but never known of how it could be used to reduce fat, then follow me as I explain it to you in a question and answer form. Let's start now.

 Q: What is that thing called cinnamon all about?
A: It is a medicinal plant and one of the most popular herbs and spices known. It is also one of the few spices that can be consumed directly.
Q: Where does it originate from?
A: It has it's origin from Sri Lanka and India
Q: Is it only one type of cinnamon that we have?
A: No. We have many species. You have to be careful with the one to use.
Q: What is the name of the original?
A: It is called Cinnamon zeylanicum
Q: How does one identify the true one from the fake?
A: The original has a thinner inner bark, a not woody texture, not as thick as the fake one. The fake one has a light reddish brown colour with a higher amount of coumarin. This can damage the liver and the kidney.

Q: Can you tell me the componets of cinnamon?
A: It is rich in the following elements:
(i) Iron (II) Manganese (III) Calcium (IV) Fibre

Q: What type of diseases can it cure?
A: The following are some;
(I) Weight loss (II) Respiratory diseases (III) Heart diseases (IV) Diabetics (V) Bad breath (VI) Cancer
(VII) Skin infections (VIII) Indigestion (IX) Stomach upset (X) It also boots the immune system

Q: Which part of the plant is mostly used for reducing fat?
A: The bark part of the plant.
Q: What is the step-by-step guide of using cinnamon for slimming down?
A: Step 1:
Cut the bark from the main plant or buy it from a grocery store
Step 2:
Dry the bark if not dried in the sun or oven
Step 3:
Grind it into powdered form
Step 4:
Store it in a clean container
Step 5:
Get some quantity of honey
Step 6:
Take half teaspoon of the cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey. Add them to one cup of warm water and shake
Morning: one cup on an empty stomach
Evening: one cup
Q: Can the above be used alone?
A: Yes, but it would take some time.
Q: Can you explain the principle of how cinnamon with honey, reduces weight loss?
A: It works by not allowing fat to accumulate. When you use the powder, energy is boosted. The energy then burns the fat faster, bringing about fat loss.

How do you feel now about you shedding some fat, using honey and cinnamon powder. Don't doubt the efficacy of what I have described above to you. It may be the information you need atlast. My sister used it and had good result by combining it with fatloss4idiots diet.Why not try the combination today.