Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uncover the Mystery of Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

How are chia seeds able to help you shed extra pounds?
To begin with, fully grasp what chia seeds are not. They are not some magic pill. You won't suddenly start losing the extra weight. You will actually have to make a committment to your health and well-being. You cannot sit in front of the TV all day eating
chips and soda and expect to lose weight just attributable to you are eating a spoon of chia seeds!

Here is how chia is related to weight loss:
Food cravings are what help you put on kilos. These cravings encourage you to partake of unhealthy snacks and meals. Accordingly, you gain pounds. If you feel bad about how you look, you frequently try and distract yourself by eating something yummy - which then makes you gain even more! This vicious cycle continues resulting from you are in the habit of letting your cravings control your eating decisions.

Now, rather than fighting these cravings, what if we were to help them lessen naturally? If you didn't have the urge to eat at any given time, you would not even notice that you were eating less and thus losing pounds. This is where chia comes in.

Ingesting chia helps to diminish food cravings. This is caused by chia being a natural power food. It is also known as nature's complete superfood. These may sound like trendy catchphrases, but what they are in essence saying is chia contains all the nutrients and vitamins for a balanced diet.

When you consume chia seeds, your body receives everything it needs. Therefore, the "food craving" signals shut down. There is no need to crave anything more due to the chia is meeting your body's physical needs.

Over time, if you take chia on a regular basis, you will become more in tune with your body. If you do happen to crave something sweet, you will reach for a carrot instead of a rice crispie treat. Your body will feel relaxed and energized. The health benefits will extend to your emotional and psychological health too.

Another benefit of chia is that they will give you more energy when you work out. This means that you will be able to exercise harder and longer, thus burning more calories. working out will feel more fun due to you will not get as fatigured. Naturally, when something is fun you want to do it more, right?

As you might see, there's nothing "magic pill" about chia. It is simply a natural grain which has been cultivated for thousands of years by ancient peoples as a source of good health and chemical-free energy. The way it helps you lose kilos is a natural progression that will not harm your body.

Obviously, the more positive changes you make in your diet and lifestyle, the more rapidly your results will occur. If you sprinkle chia over your chocolate donut in the morning, that's a fine start. If you exhange the donut for a bowl of muesli with low-fat yogurt, that's even smarter!
Two tablespoonfuls of chia a day is the advocated amount for weight loss.