Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weight Loss In Days

Weight loss in days is possible as many of you struggling with your weight already know but it doesn't help to keep pounds off. Soon after losing a few pounds, you gain them all back and sometimes even more. For this reason, weight loss is a lifestyle change. Anyone looking for weight loss in days eventually gets disappointed in the end because the results are so ephemeral.

Depending on your current weight, you can shed pounds in a few days by limiting food intake. Usually the first pounds that you lose are water and muscle because these are the energy stores that your body is using first. Stored fat is used later. Those who exercise know just the right exercise routine to manipulate this fact to their advantage. Successful weight loss, however, can only happen through constant effort and lifestyle changes to be long lasting. Therefore, weight loss in days, while possible, does not let you lose the right pounds and does not help you keep them off.

Nutritionists and dietitians recommend that weight loss does not exceed 1 to 2 pounds a week for successful shedding of pounds with no return. If you only target to lose 2 pounds a week, then it also makes it easier to follow such a diet plan, albeit results will be obvious much slower. The question to ask therefore is: Do you want weight loss in days with gaining back the lost pounds a few months later or do you want slow and consistent loss with lasting results? Weight loss in days is usually quick and painless, as easy as taking a pill out of a bottle. Sustained weight loss takes a lot more time and effort and requires lifestyle changes for keeping pounds off for life.

Once you make the commitment, then you can start making a plan. A good plan should also be accompanied by positive attitude. Whenever you are making a choice for a particular food or dish, stop and think first if this is helping you with your diet plan. Believe that you can achieve the results that you desire and don't use food to comfort yourself. Think about lasting results and not just weight loss in days. There will be setbacks but if you persevere, you will enjoy the many benefits that a healthy weight provides. Think of all the benefits that you receive for your general health, appearance and self-esteem and keep up the hard work.

We all know that weight management takes hard work, yet we all expect quick results without putting much effort. Unfortunately, weight loss in days is not the best solution. It can be achieved with a pill but you are not giving your body all the necessary nutrients. Certain vitamins and minerals can cause health problems if they drop too low. There can be nausea, headaches, fainting and a general feeling of weakness.

A successful weight loss program combines food control and intake with appropriate exercise. You can't drop pounds if you don't increase your energy expenditure. Many recommend keeping a journal of all the foods and amounts you eat before you come up with a plan. Keep this journal for a few weeks as it will show you what and how much you are eating and whether you are making healthy choices. Reviewing this information will help you to control and limit unhealthy or fattening choices and you will have some weight loss in days. The journal should also keep track of any exercise activities, even if it is just walking. If you keep track of food and exercise for a few weeks, you will see some patterns and opportunities for improvement. Then you can come up with a plan. The best plan is one that is made by you for you. You have a better chance to follow such a plan.

Limit saturated fat such as butter, potato chips and fried foods for some weight loss in days. Add limited desserts and sweets and you have the first step in your weight loss quest. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; park your car further away to add more body movement into your day. Reward yourself when you see good progress and weight loss in days but don't overdo it. A big and inappropriate reward can actually set you back. Eating a hot dog or ice cream after exercising will not work in your best interest as you will gain more calories than you spend.

Weight loss in days is possible but keep in mind that it will be a small weight loss. You should not expect to lose many pounds as you will most likely not keep them off in the long term. Make smarter and healthier choices instead by evaluating your habits and making the necessary changes. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go back to your old choices if you want to maintain a healthy weight. The benefits, however, are so many that you would not want to do it. Start making the right choices today and you will see some weight loss in days but most of it will be coming in the months ahead.

I know how hard it can be to lose your pounds, but if you want to really lose your weight you'll need to learn a single method that works amazingly well.

Don't give up hope, it's NOT impossible.